Young "artivists" from Liverpool Girls contributing to the community mural.

Young "artivists" from Liverpool Girls contributing to the community mural.

As part of a very special celebration for Harmony Day, 22 March 2017, artivists Lily Keenan and Lotte Smith with sisters Rooan and Ashwa Al-Kalmashi, produced an incredibly impressive collaborative mural over two days with the entire school. Liverpool Girls is a proudly diverse community with other 60 different cultures represented by over 1000 female students. The mural design celebrates the brave journeys of refugee women around the world and celebrates our shared experience as females.

"Having taken part in the co design process has really empowered us young girls to not only participate but have our voices heard on matters that we think are important. It has allowed me to develop skills by working one on one with artists and has promoted me to think creatively and outside the box. I definitely think that sitting on a table, one on one with an artist and being able to communicate with them, and turn thoughts into abstract artworks is powerful and empowering. It has taken away the idea that art is for the privileged and the talented and has made it universal and accessible for young people like myself. In particular, this artwork resonates with my beliefs regarding women empowerment, youth empowerment and acknowledgement of the refugee and asylum seeker community. I hope you appreciate this artwork, as much as I do. Thank you."

- Ashwa Al Kalmashi

Liverpool Girls Highschool Student

" This mural is a celebration of femininity in all its forms. The female experience is unifying; regardless of place, race, or history we are bonded by the physical and emotional journey of womanhood. Our bodies are sacred and beautiful, the only vessel to carry us through the journey of life. The women in our mural are proud of their bodies, and their feminine shapes flow together with their companions like water. Within their bodies they carry symbols of womanhood, fertility, spirituality, a connection to the land and water. Whether refugee or Australian or both - we are all on a journey. This mural recognises the pride, strength and great resilience of woman all over the world. This is not a welcome to our country, this is a welcome home.”

- Lily Keenan and Lotte Smith

Muralisto felt tremendously lucky to be part of the celebrations at Liverpool Girls High school. The young women who shared their culture through dance, song and food exuded self confidence and personality, they were proud to share what made them unique and appreciated the diversity of their fellow students. It's moments like these that inspire future generations to be the kind of people who will make this world a better place. Over the course of the day hundreds of girls joined muralists to write inspirational messages to themselves and women around the world. 

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