18 Hunter Street, Parramatta, March 2017

The folk art style 'Warli' has been practiced by many Northern and Western Indian groups for centuries. Thanks to our inaugural Welcome Walls initiative in Western Sydney in 2017, it has come to the streets of Parramatta in celebration of multiculturalism. This particular collaboration called on the talents of proactive and colourful artivists from the Creative Women's Group, and Welcome Studio artists, Sally Ann Conwell and Katherine Nelson. We feel very lucky to have facilitated such a strong piece of work that not only brought together phenomenal women from all different backgrounds, but praises diversity and highlights the important role women have to play in commentating and communicating our universal story.

The role of art has been forever to convey the context, climates, values, hopes and dreams of their time. In 2016 SBS reported that India has emerged as the dominant source of immigrants between 2015-2016. We feel it is important for our cities to reflect our multiculturalism and to inspire the next generation of thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, artists and inventors. This type of cultural diversity enriches the quality of our communities and inspires the work we do. There's a lot more to public art than what meets the eye. There's the ability to tell stories in a universal language that helps us connect with our humanity. There's the opportunity to educate, participate and understand other cultures and perspectives. There's the fact that it encourages conversation and makes walking around the city a safer, more engaging experience for the millions that commute to and work in Parramatta. 

Thanks to these ladies we are well on our way to creating more murals of this nature!