Art Crew is a public art youth mentorship program, designed by young people, for young people from diverse community groups, primarily those with refugee and migrant backgrounds. This program connects young people with professional artist mentors to collaboratively create socially conscious public art. Art Crew aims to provide a new platform for creative expression and community engagement among young people all over the world, starting in Greater Western Sydney.

“Our imagination has the ability to go far beyond the limits imposed by inequalities, in order to visualise a truth much bigger than our gender, our race, and our place of origin.”

– Favianna Rodriguez

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Mentorship is an important tool in providing young people with guidance, support, and meaningful connections to their community. Artivist mentors will inspire and encourage young people to reach their potential and empower the young person’s voice through creative expression, encouraging meaningful and creative dialogue with each other, their community and with the world.



The three month program is a combination of online discussion, 20 contact hours, collaborative public art projects, interactive workshops and guest speakers covering key skill sets including; storytelling, digital art and graphic design, collaborative art projects, muralism, street art and artivism: using your art for social change. 


Throughout the program each art crew will consult community, design and paint a large scale mural together with their mentors. The public art pieces are major contributions that uplift shared spaces and bring communities together whilst advocating social change. The collaboration builds confidence, critical thinking and creative skill sets encouraging the next generation of change makers.